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PRESENT: Councillors G Warrender (Chair), J Worthington (Vice-Chair), B Cheetham,

                     B Fussey and M Sidebottom         

                    J A Staniforth (Clerk to the Council)       


IN ATTENDANCE: 2 members of the public.


1)           APOLOGIES

Apologies were received from Councillor Y Butterworth and Ward Councillor A Jones



The minutes were read out by the Clerk for information and agreed as a correct record.


3)             MATTERS ARISING

There were no separate matters arising.


4)             CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

Councillor Warrender reported on her past year stating that the year had been less eventful than the previous year. The Community Hall was proving very successful with a wide range of activities taking place as well as many private functions, the Christmas Carol singing had also been very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed.   Following the opening of the hall particular attention had been given to maintaining the car park and area surrounding the hall in order to ensure the safety of all who use the building and grounds.

In order to preserve the bus shelter opposite Branton Farm Nursery the parish council has assisted DMBC with the cost of a new seven year lease.

A quarterly newsletter is published in the local magazine and on the council’s website to keep residents up to date with developments.  Residents have continually been made aware through the newsletter of the need to clean up any dog fouling and that speed detection equipment jointly purchased by the parish council with neighbouring parishes is in operation to help reduce the number of speeding motorists.

Future developments include the building of a ball wall on the recreation ground in order to provide some facilities for young adults as the council is aware that there is currently no provision for secondary age children in the parish or immediate vicinity.  The parish council is concerned over the condition of grass verges particularly those created last year when bollards at the junctions of Chapel and Whiphill Top Lane with Doncaster Road were removed and the pavement area widened incorporating the new grass verges. The parish council is urging Doncaster Council to re-seed the verges again and will seek the support of resident to prevent vehicles parking until the verges are established.

The chairman paid thanks to her fellow councillors for their help and support, particularly those who represented the council at meetings of Kilham Hall Management Committee, Cantley Poor’s Land Trust, DMBC’s Parish Council Joint Consultative Committee and the Robin Hood Airport Consultative Committee. 

The Clerk, Handyman, the police were also thanked and particular thanks were extended to DMBC Ward Councillors for contributing towards the re-seeding of the football pitch.  

In response Councillor Worthington proposed a vote of thanks to the Chair, this being recorded.



The Clerk referred to a summary of the past year’s expenditure explaining that the balance of income received from the sale of land, interest accrued, a donation from the former Village Hall Committee and the grant from the Big Lottery Fund had been fully expended on the completion of Kilham Hall Community Centre.  In addition a further £1,476 had been expended on the hall and the surrounding area. All other budget headings were on target with the exception of the increased external audit fee due to the increased level of expenditure. This had been offset by a reduced insurance premium. The repairs and maintenance budget had overspent due to repairs and maintenance of gates/ fencing and playground equipment. Over 40% of the annual precept currently £24,000 was spent on salaries of the Clerk and Handyman.

No questions were raised in connection with the report.



No written resolutions had been received.



A resident expressed concern that four trees on Valley Drive planted by DMBC approximately 5-6 year ago were in a poor condition due to a lack of maintenance and that no watering had been undertaken since the trees were planted. An enquiry was made as to whether residents would be prepared to undertake this but the resident felt it was not appropriate.


A resident enquired as to the deteriorating appearance of the landscape at the property Willow Farm due to large quantities of earth being stored and that this may be unrelated to the work within the planning consent to restore the land to pre-subsidence levels. The Clerk reported that an investigation relating to the storage of building and machinery on the land was being undertaken by DMBC.


As there were no further questions the meeting was declared closed in order for the parish council meeting to commence.

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