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Equality Policy

The parish council values and celebrates diversity in the community and aims to develop a culture of responsibility which will support everyone.  Our ambition is for the community to respect and appreciate the values and backgrounds of all cultures.  We will achieve this by supporting a diverse and vibrant community sector to promote activities which encourage learning, sharing and uniting the community.  We will not only ensure there is equality in service provision but also recognise the services are personalised by need.  Councillors will lead by example by treating all residents with courtesy, respect and dignity.

The parish council recognises the importance of community engagement and partnership working and will work with a broad selection of people, young and old, male and female, celebrating in our individuality and commonalities.  We will encourage wider involvement and partnership working across our diverse communities and ensuring those with a disability, different religion and faiths and of different sexual orientation are able to participate in the democratic process.

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Julia Staniforth